The Dorm That Dripped Blood DVD/Blu-Ray Details

Behold, the extremely mouth-watering details on Synapse’s upcoming deluxe treatment of The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982 | aka Pranks | Review) courtesy of Fangoria, who championed the dark little slasher in their magazine with a cover story way back in the day.

“That one’s currently scheduled for March 8; we’re in the middle of authoring it right now,” says May, who also gave us the scoop on the contents. “That will also be a Blu-ray/DVD combo for $29.95. It’s the uncut director’s cut in anamorphic widescreen, with footage that no one has ever seen before; we put back as much as we possibly could, including additional sequences of both gore and dialogue, and restored the film to most complete version possible. It’ll have an audio commentary by the two directors, Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter; featurettes that Michael Felsher of Red Shirt Pictures did for us about composer Christopher Young and makeup FX artist Matthew Mungle, for whom DORM was their first feature; and the original theatrical trailer.”

Source: Fangoria

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8 Responses to “ The Dorm That Dripped Blood DVD/Blu-Ray Details ”

  1. Uncut? Do you think the cops figure out what the smell is in this version? :)

  2. awesome, cant wait

  3. Finally….. now if Code red would get the ball rolling with the Nightmare(1983) dvd!

  4. yay i have been waiting for the news on this! now they (or any company like anchor bay/starz or code red) need to release CURTAINS (1983) KILLER PARTY (1986) THE SLAYER (1982) THE MUTILATOR (1985) THE PREY (1984) and heaps more!!!!

  5. NEW YEARS EVIL (1980) DEATH VALLEY (1982) These Titles Also Need A Dvd Release.

  6. like I said, I am waiting for springjack at horrordvd to finish subtitling Scavolini’s interview. So I can release the film and sell 1/100th of what DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD will sell for Ron.

  7. CURTAINS on dvd already on a 4 pack. Lets hope Don May put out SLAYER and THE PREY!!!

  8. This is exciting. All of these underrated slashers are finally hitting DVD. I currently own the 1989 Video Treasures VHS release and the picture quality isn’t the greatest, but I’m proud to own it! Will be picking this one up for sure!

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