The Dorm That Dripped Blu

Fangoria have revealed the reversible artwork to Synapse’s The Dorm That Dripped Blood blu-ray release due on March 8. The front cover is the classic US artwork, and the inside is the spiked bat iconography of the original version, as released in the UK under the titleĀ Pranks.

Source: Fango

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4 Responses to “ The Dorm That Dripped Blu ”

  1. I love the US artwork. I distinctly remember having a nightmare in my younger days JUST OVER THE COVER.

  2. I saw this under the title PRANKS when I was 10 at a drive-in in Florida on a triple bill with THE BOOGEYMAN and ZOMBIE. I always liked it and wanted it on VHS but could never find it…til I realized years later it had been out under the title THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD for years, and I just never rented it because I thought the DORM artwork was lame. I always thought the last half of the movie was technically much better than the first, as if two different directors were involved.It’s not a great movie, but it stands out because of it’s really nasty ending.

  3. I am psyched beyond words for this release! If only Synapse could get there hands on more forgotten slashers.

  4. agreed LorriLives! Curtains is in desperate need of a proper dvd release, maybe along with silent madness, killer party, the slayer, killer workout?? among a few

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