The Eyes Of Laura Mars In Development

lauramarsThe thing about reduxing THE EYES OF LAURA MARS is, in the interim since, the concept of a female that has psychic visions of a serial killer taking out his prey has been done to, pardon, death throughout 90’s made-for-cable thrillers, so this would need a new twist to bring something fresh to the original story. That or… a really hot chick in the Laura Mars role.

Chris Fisher, director of the upcoming sequel S. Darko, told audiences at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors that he’s remaking the Carpenter-written 1978 film The Eyes of Laura Mars. A first draft is complete and shooting is expected to begin this fall.

On the casting front, Fisher said he would love to cast Darko co-star Briana Evigan as Mars. As long as she was willing to do nudity.

Directed by Irvin Kershner, the original film starred Faye Dunaway as a photographer who can see what a killer sees when he commits acts of murder.

Now BLACK MOON RISING – there’s a Carpenter-penned film I’d salivate to see done over. A hi-tech car that can jump buildings is a concept I can’t get enough of.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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5 Responses to “ The Eyes Of Laura Mars In Development ”

  1. Oh dear, is there any crap that they won’t remake these days?

  2. I agree. The remakes are ruining the horror genre. We need some original, bloody content that rivals the movies from the 80’s. Retro slashers could be the next wave in horror.

  3. Well said! It’s places like this that are keeping the genre alive as everywhere else only seems to give time to the remakes.

  4. …why this? for all the other movies they have to remake why this?…bah, whatever, so long as they leave my “underrated” flicks alone (namely Stagefright, Slaughter High and The Burning)

  5. I watched the Eyes of Laura Mars a couple of days ago. It’s very 1970s, very cold and very fetishistic. Weirdly, I think the fashion stuff is more genuinely chilling than anything the killer does. As in the case of Lipstick (anyone remember that one?) its glossy superficial sheen now looks more alienating than tacky; like the past under a microscope rather than through rose tinted glasses.
    And yes everyone is fed up of remakes! Except PIRANHA 3D, which looks like a remake of JAWS 3D and that is a very good thing indeed.

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