The Final Destination (2009) HD Trailer

finaldestI tell you, the FINAL DESTINATION flicks are where the slasher film should have gone instead of torture porn – the ultimate death scenes made possible by an omnipotent killer (in this case, Death itself). Also this series gets away with using the exact same scenario for 4 films now (so I don’t have to post a synopsis, ha!). Here’s the trailer for THE FINAL DESTINATION, the 4th in the series due in August and playing in digital 3D unless your cinema is too cheap to upgrade their tech.

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3 Responses to “ The Final Destination (2009) HD Trailer ”

  1. The theaters in my area aren’t equipped with the 3D technology, so I’m stuck with the standard versions of movies. On that note, I’m still kinda psyched to see this. I’ve always been a fan of the series. One good thing about them is that it could go on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever….

  2. I liked the torture porn films (Hostel, Saw 1, The Devil’s Rejects, Wolf Creek), I think they’re one of the best things to happen to the genre in a while, as they put an end to all the PG-13 horrors like The Others (for a while anyway). But they’re more brutal than gory, and Final Destination definitely caters for the Friday the 13th fans. If the 3D is as good as it was in My Bloody Valentine then this should be fun.

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