The Future Of Madman Marz

Joe Giannone’s Madman (shot in 1980, released 1982) has experienced a resurgence with slasher fans in recent years similar to the Sleepaway Camp movement. Yet this has all been contrary to the increasing rarity of the film since Anchor Bay’s DVD went out of print.

But that’s about to be remedied as Code Red DVD prepare to release their own special edition into the marketplace come September. Writer/executive producer of Madman, Gary Sales, recently spoke with Retro Slashers about what’s planned for the trusty camp slasher.

“The DVD’s almost done and it’s coming with an hour+ featurette – The Legend Lives: 30 Years of Madman, by horror filmmakers, Victor Bonacora and Dave Beinlich.” Sales tells us. “Lotsa interviews and never before seen images. Just interviewed Deron Miller of CKY, who was inspired by Madman to write Escape From Hellview, the band’s 3rd most popular song on YouTube. In addition, we caught Carl Fredericks (now 84), who played Max. Sorry, Gaylen Ross won’t go on camera. But Paul “Madman” Ehlers is there. There’s also a trip back to Fish Cove, the old  location where Madman was shot.”

Sales has really taken Madman by the belt-buckle and secured its mass-availability long into the future across several formats. He informs us “We’re also now on YouTube Rental and heading for PlayStation, & Hulu. We’re also in iTunes review mode now and should be live there before Halloween.”

No talk of an old slasher movie resurfacing would be complete without bringing up the possibility of another Madman movie. Sales enthusiastically outlined to us what he refers to internally as the Madman Marz 3D Re-Imagining Project. “I’m in talks with studios and foreign buyers for a release in 2011. The script has been written by Paul “Madman Marz” Ehlers, his son Jon (born during production) and myself.  It’s killah! Really killah!” We’ve also heard that it could function as a dual reboot/sequel similar to Friday The 13th (2009) but plan a follow up conversation with Sales in future to address this.

Not simply forward-minded, Sales is happy to look back to yesteryear and take stock of what Madman really meant to people: “Many of our fans are from back in the day and Madman was one of the first horror pix they ever saw (many were underage and got to see it in the early days of VHS while their parentz weren’t home or thru an older sibling.)  But many young horror fans missed the first run and weren’t around in the early 80’s and are just discovering the cool slashers we made back in the day.”

To keep up with the Marz Movement, visit the movie’s Facebook and Twitter.

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20 Responses to “ The Future Of Madman Marz ”

  1. A new MADMAN movie would be totally pointless and wouldn’t even have the same atmosphere and eerie vibe as the first one. It would be totally digital looking and probably have shitty CGI fx. Please DON’T make a new one!

  2. Don’t listen to the crying guy above–please DO make it!

  3. I guess you like lame CGI movies…

  4. If the original guys can pull it off, it would probably be good and less CGI-concentrated, I would think. Or I could be wrong, but I’d love to see another Marz movie cuz he’s the scariest of them all!

  5. I love the classic poster art being used for the new special edition. This movie is equal parts sleaze and cheese — all killer no filler!

  6. No David, I like I people having the option of watching movies and judging for themselves or not watching them. Saying a movie should not be created due to fanboy fear is stupid.

  7. If a new Madman was made old-school with proper gore effects and none of this CGI stuff it would be great. And Tobe Hooper’s TBM proves it could be done well and cheap.

  8. As a dark genre filmmaker, I appreciate the loverz and even the haterz of MADMAN MARZ, because to me it means you’re watching my movie. What else can a filmmaker ask for but people to watch their work. However, 10 viewers = 10 opinions and x number of loverz & haterz. But to be either you have to have seen the movie. Re: The original MADMAN- watch it and have at it with your thoughts. Re: The upcoming 3D MADMAN MARZ & its 3D sequel, HUNTING MARZ, since they haven’t been made yet, why throw stones at shadows?

  9. I wouldn’t mind a remake or sequel…isn’t that what makes up most “slasher” films?

    I’ll get the Special Edition, seems worth it. However, I disagree with “Cheeseburger in Hell”, I think this has the MOST filler out of ANY well-known 80’s slasher film! I mean, COME ON – the “Hot Tub” scene anyone???;)


  10. RHR agreed, the Hot Tub scene is pure padding!

  11. Dear Horror Fanz: IMHO a horror film is like a roller coaster ride, you have to take the audience up real slow-like and then dive them down and hit some hard curves and dips and turns and dips and…
    and you have to mix in moments that are either comic or off-the horror track (like the hot tub scene) so that you can release the audience enough to tense ‘em up again. If you don’t let ‘em off the tension hood now and then, you de-sensitize them to the shocks. But I’ll give you this… the hot tub scene in Madman between Gaylen Ross and Tony Fish is pure cheese. ; )

    Trust me… if I’m able to hold onto creative control with whomever is my financial partner in the re-imagining of MADMAN MARZ, I will not disappoint the fans. And to do that, I need your support to build the MADMAN MARZ fan base so I can prove to the studios or other partners that I can bring an audience to the picture. So, I ask you all to please pass the word to your friends to like us on and follow us

  12. Am I the only one who LOVED the hot tub scene? It had a great look about it.

  13. Thanks for the info Gary! And also a HUGE thanks for making one of the best slasher flicks EVER! I was fortunate enough to watch a 35mm print of it a few months ago at The Mayfair theatre here in Ottawa, and everyone had an absoloute blast :) Best of luck to you and your future endeavors!

    PS: Hot tub scene = pants-crappingly hilarious.

  14. What’s wrong with horror fandom today: “I guess you like lame CGI movies…”

    So there’s no possibility a new Madman film could be decent? No chance it could be realized without CG effects? No chance whatsoever that it could add something to the Madman Marz mythos?

    Thank God it’s not up to “fans” like this whether or not new horror movies are made. Thank God filmmakers have the passion and courage to go ahead and make their films, despite the presence of so many completely self-centered individuals in fandom. Otherwise those of us who still enjoy horror films would be screwed.

  15. LA fans take note, Madman is playing midnight on October 16 at the New Beverly Cinema, and they say “The Madman himself, Paul Ehlers, plus co-writer / producer Gary Sales will appear IN PERSON.”

    I am so excited for a Madman sequel I could spin myself silly in a hot tub.

  16. The print for this new DVD looks real bad when compared to the Anchor Bay one…

    It´s anamorphic, and that´s good… but it´s interlaced…
    The blue tint is gone, and the print is softer than the Anchor Bay.

    The extras are good but are produced on a very amateur level.

    I´ll keeep my Anchor Bay for viewing the film and this for the extras.

  17. I hope they remake this classic horror I enjoyed as a child. But I also wish that they don’t do any CGI either because that will kill the raw and great look that the original film had. Although I loved him, I don’t think that Paul Ehlers can pull off the role of Madman Marz anymore so they would need to cast a younger person for the character. Derek Mears or Douglas Tait would be a great choice for Marz. They need to keep the same eerie music as the original had also. I have my fingers crossed for this remake!

  18. I stumbled upon this page on Facebook. This was a great Horror when I saw it as a young adult. I haven’t seen it in years, but I think it deserves a reboot. Hell, every other Horror is getting one. As Mr. Macabre said I also hope they don’t do crappy CGI like others have and I am also a big fan of Derek Mears and Douglas Tait. They would both be great for Madman Marz. I will be looking out for this one.

  19. (Yes I have used this nick since the nets dawn of time)
    I wouldnt mind a reboot (or sequel) to one of the best slashers ever made, AS LONG AS it keeps out from the cgi fx department and makes it the old fashion way and make it oldschool and use alot of shadows etc like the original.
    I saw this on VHS for the first time in the early 80s and i remember when we rented it how the female videostore clerk scared us by telling how nasty and frightening the movie was and how she bolted her front door and turned on all the lights in her house…
    The narration on the backcover of the VHS sold it perfectly and to this day I still have the large poster u on the wall in my house, so YES, Iam a hugh fan…

    To GARY,
    if you are reading this, I hope you will consider releasing the soundtrack to Madman too. I know Howling Wolf Records have been in talks with composer Stephen Hereck about it and would probably like to get in contact with you too…

    keep on fighting for Madman Marz to live on!!!

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