The Hotties Of Sorority Row!

caroline-damore-teaserOur friends at Horror Yearbook have been posting some smokin’ images in their “Women Of Sorority Row” series. Some are Not Safe For Work, and clearly labeled as such, but most are fine – regardless, they’re all hotties – so if you’re psyched for SORORITY ROW (2009), do your duty!

Click Here, Pervs!

Source: Horror Yearbook

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5 Responses to “ The Hotties Of Sorority Row! ”

  1. Good grief the chick Caroline is a walking stick insect with HUGE feet. Someone get her a sandwich for Pete’s sake. THAT’S supposed to be sexy?

  2. I clicked merely to see if Rumer Willis had been included. I don’t want to be mean, but labelling her as a hottie would be overly kind.

  3. The killer in The House on Sorority Row remake is cruel indeed. Apparently he starves his victims to death.

  4. normally I don’t gripe, but I felt I really have to speak up here..

    “they’re all hotties” ??? where?? if those are “hot” I’d hate so see what’s “ugly”. The girl in purple in the picture above is seriously, absolutely disgusting. Even if she did have some actual breasts instead of golf balls, the rest of her is WAY too scrawny. She needs more than a sandwich, that’s for sure. And the other girls aren’t much either. I know I sound shallow but there needs to be some meat on a girl…gee whiz

    No offense to anyone who thinks they’re “hotties”…but damn…I really don’t see it at all..

    Also I find it quite funny that there’s absolutely no mention of the Mya DVD of the 1981 film “Horrible”, AKA Absurd, which probably came out a month ago, on a site called “Retro Slashers”, Instead we have discussions about “Jaws”??? and other useless remakes

    sorry about the rant… offense to anyone here..I’m just being a dick today

  5. Wow I have to agree this chick could use some food and I’m not looking forward to the remake.

    However mya DVD’s of “Horrible” should be landing in my mailbox any day now. Finally an upgrade to my old Wizard Big Box Vhs. Maybe there is a god?!

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