The Monster Squad remake is in the works

msquad1Platinum Dunes and Paramount are working on a remake of The Monster Squad.  Rob Cohen, one of the producers of the original, is set to direct for Michael Bay and company.  No word yet on who is handling the script or who might be in the cast.  Legend has it Liam Neeson was the original choice to play Dracula before Duncan Regehr got the role, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Neeson don the cape for the remake.

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8 Responses to “ The Monster Squad remake is in the works ”

  1. The original Monster Squad was buried in theaters, but this remake further illustrates the movie’s enduring cult appeal. It’s time for Fred Dekker to get another shot at directing an original film, clearly the guy is talented and his movies are more beloved now than ever before.

  2. make…it….stop

  3. Fuck Michael Bay!

    Platinum Dunes is shit!

  4. Yeesh, how many times, and in how many languages, can I say “how about no thanks” to this idea?

  5. Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay, have no originality what so ever, and this is coming from someone that grew up in the late 70s and 80s, and I have been a fan of every horror franchise. Now years later they bastardize the classics that I grew up with by “recreating them”. So seriously Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes go back to creating stupid Transformers movies and leave the horror genre alone!!!!!! FOR GOOD.

  6. Are they dredging the bottom of the barrel now? The Monster Squad is a “cute” movie, and nothing more, let’s see a Final Exam or The Prey remake.

  7. I never found The Monster Squad to be anything more than an okay time waster, so I can’t get excited for this. All I want to know is if they’re going to keep the “Wolfman’s got nards” line, and if we’ll now get to see said nards.

  8. The monster Squad’s entire appeal is based on old-school horror fans affection for Universal’s classics and the models and comics they inspired. Remaking it makes no sense because the reference points aren’t as much a part of modern culture.

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