The Mutilator DVD Takes A Fall Break

By sword, by pick, by axe, bye bye DVD anytime soon!┬áSome news to report, Buddy Cooper’s beach-side slasher is currently up in the air as to the particulars of its distribution. That’s not to say the DVD won’t happen someday, it’s just not in the very near future.

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29 Responses to “ The Mutilator DVD Takes A Fall Break ”

  1. very intresting.

  2. I hope this isn’t the case. I really enjoyed The Mutilator and have been excited about the DVD.

  3. Man! I love this movie. Need a DVD… Need one now!!!

  4. That’s very disappointing. I was looking forward to the DVD release. We have DVDs stacked with extras of every direct to video film made the last few years, but no love for the older slasher films. Tis a sad predicament.

  5. Man, that sucks. I guess the bootleg that I paid through the nose for is going to have to be sufficient.

    Where is this report coming from?

  6. This blows. Man I was looking forward to this one.

  7. :( NO!!!!!
    I had big hope of seeing the mutilator on dvd by code red!!! But I think I will tolerated my vhs copy and the uncut version on dvd-r for long time!!!! I would like to have a little more information from Code red if it is possible! It was a purchase assured for me!!! So hope so it’s just a rumor

  8. Such an under-appreciated little slasher. Someone had posted it on youtube awhile back, but I think it is gone again. I hope it gets a good DVD treatment.

  9. This is one of my all time favorite movies. A super fan has met Buddy Cooper and managed to score me a movie poster of The Mutilator, except it says “Fall Break” instead, AND he’s sending me a 45 record of the theme song “Fall Break” I will take pictures as soon as it arrives. It should be here sometime this week. SO EXCITED!

  10. If you head over to the Sleepaway Camp site and look in the “rec room” section you can see the pics from the stuff I got. Totally kick ass!!!

  11. sniff sniff i hope code red stay on the case i whant my mutilatore come on come on

  12. From

    very intresting. All I am going to say is that we have a valid contract. retroslasher should talk to us before posting.
    Bill Norton
    CodeRed DVD

  13. this update makes NO sense at all! why not explain it more Retroslashers?

  14. I was told from a source that this is indeed coming to DVD. Right now there are some legal issues to work through but don’t worry, it will arrive, folks! This is a definite horror classic that will not be denied a true, legit release. In the meantime, watch your unrated VHS copy and sing along to the fabulous “Fall Break” themesong

  15. This is pretty craptastic news. It’s still coming out, but I really get impatient with these looooong overdue DVD releases. We probably won’t see this for another 2-3 years. Sounds like Grindhouse Releasing. hahaha!

  16. well, it would be NICE if retroslashers could explain what this update even means, and if Code Red would actually give real updates instead of shady kinda blurbs on the internet. I love Code Red, but so far they don’t seem to be a very fan friendly company. their myspace page sucks really bad for one thing, and their web site is always in shambles. get it together guys, we want you to succeed!

  17. Any news on a release for this yet?

  18. i emailed code red and they replied on a seperate subject, then i asked them if they were releasing the mutilator and they never replied i dont know what to think?

  19. if anyone knows how i can get a mutilator poster please tell me

  20. I’ve wanted this movie on dvd for years. I grew up in Morehead City and Atlantic Beach, NC, where the film was made. Buddy Cooper’s son, Trace, was my older brothers best friend. We all went to school together. I remember the movie being made. My mom took me and my brother to see the movie when it was released in theatre’s. My mom was laughing because she knew 85% of the cast.

  21. my father used to date connie rogers around the time she was making this movie. she was very beautiful and nice. i have never seen the movie besides pictures. i hope it comes out.

  22. I hope it comes out soon. Wish Code Red would release a line-up schelude so we know what is going on.

  23. We are currently planning a website for the sale of DVDs and other stuff. We do not have any set date yet. We are all glad you like the picture. If Retroslasher will stay in touch, we will keep you updated.

  24. Man, I hope that someday the uncut version of this is released on DVD. This movie is one of my favorites and I hope that it will come out someday.

  25. This baby is in my top 10 slasher flicks of ALL time! I collect original (theater-used) movie posters and I have this one. I bought it from another collector and the artwork is to die for! The one I have is in “near-mint” condition, I don’t know if I will ever sell it…

    I Love Bloody Horror Films!

  26. WOW! that really SUCKS! I was so looking forward to this on dvd!
    I hate how there are plenty of great if not yet cheesy slasher films that aren’t released on DVD- like for example
    curtains (1983) that needs a DVD badly, Killer Party (1986), The Mutilator, Pranks (The Dorm that Dripped Blood) (Its already on dvd- but not with a good transfer thanks to vipco vault) The Last Slumber Party (better trasfer and not in a double pack) and nameless others!

  27. Do good prints of these films exist? Vipco’s Italian stuff all have good picture quality, but slayer. pranks and mutilator look like video transfers.
    Curtains needs a proper release. And every time I see a copy of Silent Night Bloody Night I buy it just in case it’s one of the mythical high quality versions. I love that film and I’ve never seen it with a decent picture.

  28. Hey, All.

    40-years-old, and reliving all the splatter flicks I loved and grew up on the 80s. Collecting as many as I can, and like all of you, would love a legitimate copy of “The Mutilator” on DVD. It’s a favorite of mine, and holds up better than some of the others that I remember loving. I see above that Buddy has commented in areas, and I’d love the opportunity to purchase any merchandise related to the film. VHS boxes, posters, shirts, etc. “Fall Break,” or “The Mutilator,” — doesn’t matter. Buddy, or anyone else with “Mutilator” collectibles, please feel free to reach out. Thanks, for the great film, Buddy!

    Chris Buchholz

  29. Hey CardHouse, I knew Connie when this movie came out as “Fall Break.” Your dad must be Archie? Do you know what happened to Connie? I wouldn’t mind getting up with her and seeing how she’s doing.

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