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Lori Lethin was a mainstay of episodic television in the 80s, appearing in everything from The Dukes of Hazzard to Hill Street Blues. But it was her genre work that earned her cult status (although her role on Charlie’s Angels was pretty dang cool too!). Lori Lethin’s pretty and petite girl-next-door beauty may have ensured her a place in television and film, but it was the vivacious persona she exuded that made her such an irresistible force in the pantheon of 80s horror. Lori somehow always managed to grace her characters with a sense of wit and confidence, and most importantly, she looked like she was having a blast. She made three excellent forays into the world of slashers: Return to Horror High, Blood Birthday and of course the ominous killer gypsy flick The Prey. She’s a fan of horror, which may explain why she was just so damn compelling in her movies – even The Prey where the actors weren’t allotted a ton of depth.

After 1989, Lori disappeared from the screen until ten years later when she appeared in Brokedown Palace. Since then, another ten years have passed and Lori has not added any film or television work to her filmography, leaving a lot of fans wondering what became of one of their favorite horror actresses. I caught up with Lori recently and she was gracious enough to take some time to answer a few of the burning questions I had about her career, especially The Prey, and afterwards.


Retro Slashers: In the 80s your feature film work was predominately in horror. Are you a fan of the genre?

Lori Lethin: I am. 80’s horror films are so fun to watch… especially the obscure low budget films.

RS: In Bloody Birthday you worked with both Michael Dudikoff and Joe Penny before they became famous. Do you have any stories about them?

LL: I was in Vince Chase’s acting class with both of them. I did not know Joe too well but Michael and I did some scene work together. He was a hoot! I remember I had a very hard time even getting through the scene because I was laughing so hard!

RS: Birthday was also your first role as a lead in a theatrical. How’d you get the part?

LL: I auditioned for it.

RS: I asked Jackson Bostwick this same question. What year did you film The Prey? There are varying dates floating around.

LL: I can’t be sure. It was so long ago.

RS: What do you remember most about making The Prey?

LL: Being outdoors and my own stunt when I get killed… now that was fun!


RS: Your character has great camaraderie with Debbie Thureson’s character. She only has one IMDb credit. Do you know what became of her?

LL: I don’t know what became of her but I hope she is doing well.

RS: Also, I interviewed Jackson Bostwick in 2005 and he was hilarious. Was he as fun to work with?

LL: He was fun to work with and a really nice guy!

RS: Did you ever see The Prey after its release and do you have any opinions on it?

LL: I thought it was a great little low budget horror film.

RS: Return to Horror High is a fun movie. You got to work with some great talent (Brendan Hughes, Alex Rocco and George Clooney). Was it as fun to make as it is to watch?

LL: This was a blast to make. Alex Rocco is one funny dude. He kept me laughing!

RS: You worked in a lot in episodic television. Is there a difference between shooting a weekly series and a low budget feature?

LL: Money…money …money!

RS: Here’s another question I asked Jackson… Either loved or hated, The Prey has endured. Does its popularity surprise you?

LL: It does. I thought this film would come and go but it has endured!


RS: Edwin and Summer Brown only made one non-adult movie. What do you remember about working for them?

LL: They were a great team and were sincere about doing something different other then porn.

RS: You haven’t done any film or television since 1999. What have you been up to?

LL: Just finished school, getting my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

RS: Do you have a favorite performance or project?

LL: My favorite project and performance was in a movie for television I made called The Day After. Now that was intense!

RS: For nerd’s sake, I’m a huge Magnum P.I. fan and you were in a wonderful episode called The Big Blow with Sondra Currie and James Doohan, among others. Did you enjoy filming that?

LL: You bet! What could be better then Hawaii?

RS: Finally, what would you like your fans to remember most about your work?

LL: That I had fun and enjoyed every minute of it.

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11 Responses to “ The Prey Part Four: Lori Lethin Interview ”

  1. Glad to know Lori Lethin is doing well nowadays. I always wondered what happened to her and wished she had done more! Would’ve been even better if she could’ve gone a little more in-depth with her answers. Oh well, I guess it’s better than someone agreeing to an interview and then avoiding your questions/messages for 3-4 months (so far)…yeah, I’m a little bitter with that certain person right now. Hint: she was in SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE 2…

  2. I’m glad she’s well and happy too. She seems to have such a realistic, down-to-earth perspective on the industry as well. You’re exactly right about her bringing a sense of wit and confidence to her roles, Amanda — it’s that sort of thing that always marks the difference between a good and bad slasher for me.

  3. lol, Tony. MM Better get her self in check!!

  4. Lori was awesome in her movies!

    But why didn’t you ask about the problems with Bloody Birthday’s release? Why she quit acting? Would she do another movie if asked? These seemed the most obvious to me.

  5. It doesn’t sound like she even wanted to do the interview. Short, quick answers with hardly any detail at all. Good to know she’s doing ok though.

  6. I was thinking the same thing, rusty rod. She should be grateful that people still want to talk about her. I appreciated her work in Bloody Birthday and Return To Horror High, but for some reason this interview has left a foul taste in my mouth. Nice work though on your part, Amanda!

  7. Hey everybody! Thank you so much for reading this interview. I feel though like I should defend Lori a little here. The interview was done by email and pertained to movies she made more than 20 years ago. She has been more than gracious to me and is a lovely person. For some people, who don’t do interviews all the time, and considering she had to dig back a bit in her mind I think sometimes that is the answers you get. And regardless, I think she was amazing for even taking the time. And yes, she is thrilled to still be appreciated.

    I just thought I should clarify. If there was any unpleasantness (sp?) in this interview that was probably on my part because I was doing my best not to annoy her. I was just so happy she said YES to it!

    Thanks again for reading!!!

  8. In that case I retract my statement. You’re right, she took the time to at least answer your questions. She didn’t even have to do that. I guess sometimes us fans get a bit greedy with the content on this site when it comes to exclusives like this.

    I’ve been a naughty boy. ::hangs head in shame::

  9. I thought you were great as Matlock’s daughter. Did he ever say why he decided to go with Linda Purl as Charlene, instead to you?

  10. Great interview Amanda! If it weren’t for you, I would never have contacted Lori about starting up her official site. And you are so right about Lori. She is one of the sweetest celebs I have ever encountered. She’s been nothing but gracious to me and is very appreciative for all her fans.

    Please if you get a chance, check out her website It’s still in the early stages right now, but will be up within a week. Thanks everybody!

  11. Hi , Does anybody have the Different Strokes episode with Lori Lethin? write

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