The Prey: Part One – The Influence

I’ve been wanting to do a little tribute to The Prey, one of the more underrated slashers, but as you may have noticed (or not!), I’m only on RS sporadically (something I truly regret), which means Prey week is looking like it might not happen. So instead, I thought I’d do my posts in piecemeal.

Today, I will present an interesting influence The Prey had on Wrong Turn:

The Prey:


I have always loved this odd camera shot featuring the back of this victim-to-be’s head. Moments away from terror and death, there’s something so strangely weird about this shot that compliments the surreal setting.

Wrong Turn:


Same hair, same camera shot. Co-inky-dink?

Part Two
Part Three

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4 Responses to “ The Prey: Part One – The Influence ”

  1. Wow…never noticed that! ‘The Prey’ is a very atmospheric slasher film! It’s up there with some of my all-time favorite 80’s slashers! Not many people have seen or let alone HEARD of it…

  2. got it on vhs its a good movie i wouldnt say masterpiece

  3. Amanda you certainly have a keen eye for detail. I’ve seen both and I never ever caught that!!

  4. And THE PREY steals the frog impersonation from LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT!

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