The Prey: Part Three – From Game Show to Horror Show!


The Year: 1971
The Show: The Dating Game
The Celebrity Up for Grabs: Ron Howard
The Contestant: Debbie Thureson


Yes, one of my favorite, put upon Final Girls got to spend a little face time with Ron Howard, who as we all know went on to become more than just a child actor.


She only got a little face time though because Mr. Howard didn’t pick the lovely Thureson. However, Dating Game host Jim Lange was impressed with her “super answers.” Perhaps she should have dated him? I mean, he is better than a charred gypsy, right?


Part One
Part Two

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5 Responses to “ The Prey: Part Three – From Game Show to Horror Show! ”

  1. Hilarity, Amanda style! I’ve added links to your articles so everyone can explore the intricate tapestry that is THE PREY!

  2. Amanda, it amazing that you love The Prey as much as I do, and Mortuary, if I werent already married…….LOL

  3. I’m impressed you found this obscurity Amanda. And I agree with lord, The Prey and Mortuary are great. Screw the haters!

  4. Thanks for adding the links John!

    And thank Zmbdog and Lord, I think the Prey is pretty awesome and love focusing some attention on it. I think I’ll have a pretty cool little addition for it soon!

  5. I vote for an in-depth analysis of the nature footage!

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