The Prowler Gallery

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8 Responses to “ The Prowler Gallery ”

  1. Love this! Thanks for the Thom Bray still. I love him!!! :)

    This is a great film. It’s so creepy well made. I like the director a lot. Invasion USA is one of my favorites!

  2. Haha you’re definitely a fan of Thom Bray, I remember you mentioning him in the comments of my House 3 review. You should track him down and get an interview ;-)

  3. This gallery really shows what a vaseline-smearfest the cinematography of THE PROWLER was – but that keeps the film in its undercurrent of ‘lovelorn nostalgia gone deadly’.

    And great t-shirt image, who did that? Looks like a Zornow!

  4. I still feel that The Prowler is one of the best slashers ever made. Some people dismiss it and only give it credit for Tom Savini’s effects, but I’ve always felt that the characters and story are strong enough that even if it was a heavily censored version it would still be just as effective. I like that the central character is not a teenager but a deputy (and a Cillian Murphy look-a-like) and the 1940’s prologue is a nice touch as well. One slasher I definitely hope will not get remade. Just give it the 2-disc edition is deserves!

  5. The Prowler Is Awesome. But Does Not Compare To My Bloody Valentine.

  6. I really like My Bloody Valentine but I’d take The Prowler over it any day.

  7. Awesome gallery!! I really enjoyed The Prowler. I remember seeing that scene where the girl hides under the bed and thinking it was a rip off of Amy Steel in Friday the 13th part 2.

  8. The prowler is easily my favourite slasher film. It’s so out of balance, almost like a murder she wrote episode in places. The period opening scene is absolutely the best in any slasher film and looks like it blew most of the budget, but it really lends a uniquely morbid tone to the entire film.
    And the killer is just such a subversive idea. WWII GIs are the most heroic icons of the cinema. Turning that uniform into something truly malevolent was a masterstroke.

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