The Real Myers Sequels: Halloween Complete Omnibus


Surely by now you know of Retro Slashers‘ love for the HALLOWEEN comics from Devil’s Due. They’ve been the only place in the entire universe – real as well as fictional – to get further chapters of the franchise starring Classic Michael Myers. You know, walks, shaped like a normal man, wears a non-descript clean white rubber mask, is a total enigma, etc.

Continuing the hyper strange pattern of soliciting issues and series (cough, MARK OF THORN) yet to be produced or completed, the HALLOWEEN COMPLETE OMNIBUS is coming at us while we have no freakin’ idea when #3 if THE FIRST DEATH OF LAURIE STRODE hits shelves!

Comics already face the plight of being more of a collector’s specialty than the newstand mainstay they once were, it surely will only hurt the company’s bottom line that the many non-comics fans this series brought in won’t bother to keep checking up on its status after all the delays.

Writer: Stef Hutchinson
Artist: Tim Seeley & Jeff Zornow
Cover Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz

Michael Myers, the original and most famous horror slasher, returns in this collection of two of the most horrifying comic series from the last two years! Contains the minis Nightdance, 30 Years of Terror and the First Death of Laurie Strode all in one massive collection!

Scheduled to Ship – September-30-2009
RRP: $34.99

Source: Collector’s World

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4 Responses to “ The Real Myers Sequels: Halloween Complete Omnibus ”

  1. Hey John,

    I have the Nightdance Trade Paperback. Is this worth picking up for the other comics?

  2. Yes, it is DEFINITELY worth picking up all of the DDP comics if you are a Halloween fan.

    Stef Hutchison just announced on the official Halloween message board that this book is probably NOT going to be released.

  3. If you check out the archives on our pages

    Hit up the February archives and we have a month long string of shows with the Halloween comics guys. They discuss a bit about the delays and stuff like that. Sadly, it’s mostly due to their budgets getting pulled out from under them, and lay-offs at DDP. Check it out for more in depth coverage. Plus, they’re good guys.

  4. These guys are double dippers of Anchor Bay level.

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