The Stepfather (2009) Theatrical Trailer

sfHere’s the theatrical trailer for THE STEPFATHER (2009), hitting screens October 16th from Sony Screen Gems, who brought you the PROM NIGHT redux.

“This fall, Daddy’s home. A seemingly normal guy wants the perfect family, but when his new wife and stepchild don’t measure up, he makes plans to eliminate them and move on to the next.

Source: Official Website

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13 Responses to “ The Stepfather (2009) Theatrical Trailer ”

  1. All this coverage of the remake made me watch the original last night. May have to watch the second some time soon

  2. Definitely. Terry O’Quinn is great! Part 3 works as a good ‘suburban slasher’.

  3. The only thing I find a bit dumb about the first one is the beginning. When he changes his appearance it’s from a scruffy bearded man. I can’t believe that someone as anal and obsessed with perfection like him would have lived a life as a hobo. I know he’s trying to look completely different to how he was before but it just looks a little weird. Class film though!

  4. I may have been quick to judge the films pg-13 rating. The circular saw scene looks damn good

  5. The original would pass for a PG-13 these days, so I’m okay with this one being PG-13 as well. I watched the trailer twice yesterday and I think they pretty much stuck with the original but updated it. Finally, someone got it right with a remake.

  6. I really like the original, but I don’t consider it sacred ground. Plus, bitching aboot remakes gets us nowhere!

  7. Well, it doesn’t look TOO bad. I was very wary of this one really, but the trailer looks alright, and I do like the dangling buzz saw scene. At least they seem to have kept the classic line,

  8. ((Damn thing deleted the rest of my comment for some reason)). At least they kept the classic “Who am I here?” line. Only thing I’m not too sure about is including more kids in the family. It might work, but it seems to me like an excuse to make it more of a bodycount film than it really is.

  9. The original would NOT pass for PG-13. There is nudity and some F words and some bloody moments. Another lame remake, dumbed down if you ask me.

  10. Agree

  11. Pg-13 :(
    cant wait for the unrated dvd!

  12. I will admit this looks like it could be decent. What scares me is the fact that this is the studio that ruined Prom Night. But the trailer shows the film has got promise.

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