The Stepfather Comes to Region 1


Whilst a vanilla edition has been out on region 2 since forever, Shout! Factory are set to release Joseph Ruben’s suburban slasher The Stepfather on October 13, just three days before the remake hits cinemas.

Remastered and loaded with interviews and commentaries, though it is unclear as yet whether or not the man himself, Terry (Lost) O’Quinn will be taking part.

Source: Fangoria

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8 Responses to “ The Stepfather Comes to Region 1 ”

  1. You’re kidding me? My top 3 movies not on DVD are coming out finally? (Night o the Creeps + Slaughter High) I was hoping to hear this news with the remake coming out. I haven’t seen it in a long time, but I remember this movie creeping me the hell out when I was a kid.

  2. My favourite part is still the beginning, when you see him trimming his beard (referenced in the poster) after killing his family. Shows how he is quick to move on so easily.

  3. Hell yeah, that part most definitely sticks out in my mind too. I remember liking part 2 also, I think I might grab them both in October.

  4. COOL!!! first 2 coming to dvd! well now we need the 3rd!

  5. I’ll definitely be snatching this one up. My VHS can only play for so long. Now they just have to release part 3.

  6. I was wondering when Part 1 would be making an appearance. Both the stepfathers with Terry were great. I will be picking up both of them and certainly will be getting trick R treat looks like October is going to rock!

  7. If that’s the cover they’re using then BOOYA!

    Bout damn time someone releases this poor flick on DVD. I’ll be first in line.

  8. I got the VHS for 75 cents and am going to check it out next weekend

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