The Terminator Gets Naked

Whilst not strictly a slasher, James Cameron’s original sci-fi classic The Terminator borrowed enough from the genre that comparisons between the T-800 and Halloween’s Michael Myers are evident.  Over the last twenty-five years, the sci-fi horror has become one of the most respected movies of all time and was even included in the Library of CongressNational Film Registry last year.

But some fans take their love of the film a little too seriously…

Sean Stanley Smith is a nineteen-year-old fan of the series who was recently found wandering naked on a highway near the Nevada border and, when confronted by the authorities, claimed to be a Terminator that had been sent back from the future. Those familiar with the 1984 classic may remember that both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Biehn arrive from the future naked as only living tissue can travel through time.

But, after later being apprehended in the Harrah’s Lake Tahoe on Highway 50, it was discovered that Smith was in fact high on both LSD and marijuana. He was charged with resisting arrest and indecent exposure.


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3 Responses to “ The Terminator Gets Naked ”

  1. Time travel or not, stupidity is timeless!

  2. Wash day tomorrow, nothing clean, right Sean?

  3. I was just watching this movie and noticed it had a bit of a slasher feel to it.

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