The Undertaker DVD In October

A Lost Slasher no more! Code Red are bringing the late Joe Spinelli’s psycho-slasher The Undertaker to DVD in October. Our own Thomas Ellison investigated the film and also recently reviewed it. And now you’ll get to see it to. Taking things one step further, Code Red are offering fans to vote which cover it gets. Click below for hi-res.

“Here is your chance to pick your favorite cover for the October Release of the unreleased Joe Spinell film THE UNDERTAKER (aka DEATH MERCHANT). Here are the 3 covers, just post on this blog which one you prefer, A, B or C, and the one with the most votes will be it! Hurry, you have until Thursday 7/8 at 9 PM Pacific to vote, so vote now!”

We personally pick Cover C because it’s 100% Spinelli Cool. Though Cover A is not without its pockmarked charms. If you’re within the time window, head on over to the Code Red comments page to vote. Be sure to let us know your fave.

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5 Responses to “ The Undertaker DVD In October ”

  1. All the covers are terrible. They just look like random stills from the movie, but the important thing is the movie itself (and extras). What print are they using? Is it the rough-cut that’s been floating around or did they find the negative or foreign theatrical print? What kind of extras are going to be included?

    Whatever happens it’s still great that this film is getting released, and I’ll buy it no matter what (even though I’ve heard it’s a terrible film), but this is the kind of movie where the extras make all the difference.

    A documentary would probably be more interesting than the film itself! How/why did it become a “lost” film? Why was it released in foreign countries but not the US? What could’ve happened to all the prints? How was Joe Spinell to work with in his deepest depths of alcoholism? Hell, I’d pay for a documentary of this even WITHOUT the movie!

  2. The covers are so Grindhouse, they need to market this as a 80s’ slasher with a painting style poster! Not make it look like a grindhouse flick like pieces

  3. Very pumped about seeing this!

  4. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! I deff say A!

  5. Poster was never made, only a grainy sellsheet. Do you guys want a blank box for artwork??? Troma never used the poster for THE LAST HORROR FILM and none of you guys complaint. As usual, we get complaint while other gets customers.

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