The Year of SOV: Blood Lake (1987)


I don’t know why when horror fanatics hear the word “obscure” they think they have to see that movie! I mean, maybe it’s obscure for a reason! It’s kind of a sickness we have, to hunt down the rarest of horror, especially slashers. Goes to prove that we are a passionate bunch. But are we also a bunch of fools? See, I pulled out one of those self-reflective questions.

Blood Lake certainly isn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen. And parts of it are alright. I liked the cast and the killer’s motivation is, uh, different, if a little far fetched, but as a whole, Blood Lake is just not very engaging. Unless of course, randy Tony (Travis Krasser) was on screen.

Seriously. How old is this kid? He’s absolutely hilarious and dare I say it, carries the damn film on his back! Yeah, Tony! And a definite shout out should go to Voyager. You, my friends, are rocking!


Blood Lake is about six teens (two are practically pre-teens and very well may be, it’s hard to tell), who venture out to a vacation house for a weekend of water skiing, sunning, eating, booze and off-screen sex. Mostly it’s just skiing and eating, with a nice extra long scene featuring the drinking game Quarters (my god, the 80s were beyond words!). After a lot of nothing, this creepy guy shows up and starts killing people. Then someone stops him. The End.

I know what your asking, “But Amanda By Night, what is it all about?” I don’t think I could answer that, but for a film with a whole lot of nothing, there is something likeable about it. For shot on video, it’s well shot, with certain outdoor scenes even looking a bit film-like (at least the daytime shots). The characters aren’t particularly interesting, but are played with some heart – and folks, this is why I love slashers before this current crop of self-aware horror – all of the kids…gulp… get along! And that might be what saved Blood Lake for me (I mean, not counting the uber mulleted Tony!). I thought that although the interaction was not very well staged it still felt pretty normal. They felt like a real group of friends hanging out. And like real life hanging out, it’s a bit boring to watch. But you won’t find any dumb cat fights or asshole behavior and there’s certainly no animosity towards one another.

Maybe the writer and director should have made a teen sex comedy (although they’d need the nudity for that) because they seem to understand the dynamic of friendship. I know, I can’t believe I’m using such a big word like dynamic, but it fits here.

I still say Blood Lake is fine remaining obscure but for someone who is sick of this current trend of self aware irony, this shot on video slasher is a nice retreat. Of course, I can’t sincerely recommend it, unless you love 80s SOV, and if you’re reading this, you know you do!

If you choose to be so gluttonous, you can watch Blood Lake on Veoh! Oh. My. God. You have download something, but I’m on Veoh often and think it’s a decent site. Enjoy!


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13 Responses to “ The Year of SOV: Blood Lake (1987) ”

  1. I brought this movie for five bucks at blockbuster, back when they were clearing out all their videos. Not a good movie, but this stuff brings back good times. Back when I was a kid and every horror movie was somewhat good. Not the worst though….that belongs to The Last Slumber Party….one I also own…and deserves it’s own blog….

  2. I’m a sucker for 80’s SOV so I’m off to watch this. I agree with maniac, Last Slumber Party is hilariously bad and should be given an entry here.

  3. I got about 45 min. in and it started getting too choppy so I’m gonna clear my cache memory tomorrow and finish. You might notice the chick who played the reporter killed in the opening of Revenge (Blood Cult 2) is one of the teens in this!

  4. I applaud you zmbdog! I did not notice it was the same actress, but know who you are talking about. I watch Revenge sometimes when I’m going to sleep. I love Patrick Wayne.

    btw, is Last Slumber Party SOV? I have always wanted to see it, despite the fact I know it’s going to be horrible. What can I say? A glutton.

    Thanks to all for commenting! :)

  5. I honestly can’t remember if Last Slumber Party is SOV, but I will double check. I know it’s horrible quality, but SOV does have that distinct appearance to it. Post later about my findings.

  6. Thanks Maniac!

  7. Yes, Last Slumber Party is SOV. Wait till you see the trick scalpel! Priceless.

  8. I honestly think LSP is worse than this.

    Blood Lake reeks of “we’re going to the lake this weekend, lets bring the video camera and make a horror movie,” to me, which I have to respect. This movie can be recommended for a laugh, but not someone looking for a scare.

    And . . . of course . . . Tony rules!

  9. About The Last Slumber Party: After viewing it again I would say it’s SOV. If it’s not SOV then it’s the closest thing to SOV without being be. In other words the movie reeks of SOV, but once in a while it appears to be just cheap quality that isn’t SOV. If that makes any sense. Perhaps it’s just me. Anyways this is a must see Amanda. It is with out a doubt the best of the bad. I would love to read your thoughts about the movie.

  10. I watched some of LSP last night (SOME being the operative word) and I just couldn’t tell so I’ll agree with whatever you folks are going with. SOV? Great, because that’s gotta be the best looking SOV cinematography ever.

  11. I think we determined the movie is 8mm or something of that nature and then blown up. That sounds about right to me…

    Anyway, I am itching to see this thing!

  12. How did you ever find this Amanda? I tried to watch it again but it doesn’t come up in the search. Even typing “ekal doolb” doesn’t get results.

    The only way I could access it was coming back to this site and clicking on the link you posted :?

  13. zmbdog, I’m not sure I got a copy of Blood Lake. I want to say it’s a torrent someone downloaded and I came across it to buy probably. I just have a DVD copy. Try cinemageddon…

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