Tourist Trap Screening This Week at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse

Although DVD and Blu-ray have unearthed so many long-lost classics, horror fans rarely get the chance to see their favourite films on the big screen. David Schmoeller’s underrated 1979 thriller Tourist Trap is set to receive a rare 35mm screening this week in Austin, Texas, courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse and Vulcan Video. Produced by Charles Band (of Empire fame) and featuring Tanya Roberts (Charlie’s Angels) and screen legend Chuck Connors, Tourist Trap told of a crazed recluse who abducts tourists and transforms them into mannequins for his once popular resort.

“I do get some satisfaction that something I made so many years ago is still drawing an audience to see the films in a theater – on 35mm – even though I know the prints are starting to fade,” admits Schmoeller regarding the event. “When Tourist Trap screened last year in Los Angeles, I asked the programmer why he didn’t show it from the DVD – “The image is so much nicer,” I said. But he told me the audiences really enjoy watching a 35mm print, even if it is showing the ravages of age.”

Due to having originally been released with a PG rating, despite many horror movies of the era falling foul of censors, children aged six and older will be allowed to attend the event, providing they are accompanied by an adult. Tourist Trap will be screened as part of the Alamo’s Terror Tuesday series, taking place at Theatre 1 on Tuesday May 17th at 10:35pm. Tickets can be purchased at the official site.

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4 Responses to “ Tourist Trap Screening This Week at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse ”

  1. One of my all time favorites!
    I have a Tourist Trap tattoo on my leg.

  2. Tourist Trap remains an underrated ’70s movie. It maintains its creepy atmosphere even during the cheesier moments, and benefits from a great performance from Chuck Connors. A low-budget, hallucinogenic nightmare captured on celluloid.

  3. and can’t believe it was PG – how odd ! but yes, that it was, I got the VHS copy and like this film – creepy mannequins, good atmosphere – HOUSE OF WAX remake reminds me of it im some places.

  4. My friend’s uncle painted the truck in MO.

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