Trailer: My Bloody Valentine 3D

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7 Responses to “ Trailer: My Bloody Valentine 3D ”

  1. That looks awesome. Hopefully, MBV3D will make it to theaters. The new guy running Lionsgate (straight into the ground), Jon Feltheimer, wants to make family friendly PG-13 films instead of horror movies.

  2. Looks fun!

    I agree with Thomas about the guy who’s running Lionsgate running it into the ground. My fingers will be crossed for this one!

  3. This looks awesome! I’m there day one.

  4. This movie should absulutly be a rated R film

    Fuck censorship and family fun.The Orig wasnt a family fun film,it was a horror movie and one of the best ones back in the day.

    You don’t take a classic horror movie and make it into family fun flim called Annie-lost-in-the-mine-with-a-killer-movieYou just don’t.

  5. that looks awful. typical modern looking mainstream garbage

  6. The original My Bloody Valentine is one of my all time favorite movies, but I have to admit that trailer looks great. It would be a horrible shame if it doesn’t play in theaters, but nothing at this point would surprise me. Lionsgate has been nothing short of awful since the new management took over. Absolutely shitty movies make it to theaters and eventually DVD with a load of extra features while quality movies get dumped on. This better not be one of those “we’ll edit it to make it PG-13 in theaters and then we’ll have a balls to the wall special edition unrated DVD.” No that would not be awesome and balls to the wall. It would be pathetic.

  7. Allright I am a bit nervous about this one as MBV is one of my all time favorite slasher films. The current batch of remakes have sucked so bad I am weary about this one. The trailer looks intense but I am skeptical. I want this movie to be good and if it honors the original then we will be fine. But after the debacle of the remake of “Prom Night” you’ll understand why I am skeptical. Even still I will be shelling out my hard earned bucks to see this film on opening night! I don’t care if a movie gets remade but let it at least be good! There are only a few that can honor that claim.

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