Trailer: Troma’s Father’s Day

Did this come out of nowhere or not? Troma have a sequel/appendage to Mother’s Day on the way, and the trailer is here.

Although it’s as mind-blowingly offensive as you’ve come to expect from the company, the movie was produced by a team of Canadians called Astron-6 who look to have a genuine video nostalgia on their side to elevate it above the usual moronic fare.

Don’t watch this at work. Don’t watch this with family close by. You have been warned. Now hit PLAY!

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9 Responses to “ Trailer: Troma’s Father’s Day ”

  1. That is totally retarded and dumb as hell.

  2. This will be excellent because Astron 6 are talented fellows. Many years of entertaining shorts pays off! Look ‘em up, freaks.

  3. It no longer exists. Is there another link you can direct us to?

  4. so they’re making a “sequel” of that classic, eh? well, let’s hope they’ll do just as good.

  5. This “trailer” is why horror films get so much shit all the time. I watched 45 seconds of this garbage and just cut it off. If they were trying to be offensive, it worked. If they were trying to be funny, they weren’t. I honestly don’t know what they were trhing to do but if this actually is a legitimate trailer, and it comes out, God help us all. And before anyone writes back throwing mud at me and saying I need to lighten up, I want to say this. I am not offended easily. I have watched The Exorcist, Martyrs, Haute Tension, Make Them Die Slowly, Faces of Death, and many other supposed offensive films. Father’s Day was just plain stupid, retarded, moronic, and sick. If ANYONE gets off on or enjoys that shit then they are as twisted as the idiots that made the film. Let’s get back to making movies the good way people. Quit trying to offend everyone and make a decent film. Idiots.

  6. Link updated for all the “twisted” folks out there! :-)

  7. Troma Entertainment quoted our NSFW clip review: I mean DEPRAVITY and INDESCRIBABLE do pretty much sum this up. Um, and killer poster art right?


  8. Tommy Zombie, you need to lighten the fuck up! That trailer is fucking hilarious, and hardly offensive. It’s far more clever than A Serbian Film or August Underground or I Spit on Your Grave or anything Troma has ever made, so go be offended elsewhere Mary Poppins! AND as for – Quit trying to offend everyone and make a decent film. Idiots. Examine the situation for a moment… Astron-6 made completely unoffensive films, clever and funny as hell for 3 years, then they made this… guess when they got a feature film deal? Yea, when they made this.
    As for let’s… why not put up a link to your movie so we can trash you and all the hard work that went into it. If you haven’t made a movie don’t say let’s.

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