TRICK OR TREAT Remake a Possibility?


The latest slasher to get the modern makeover could be Trick or Treat, the 1986 gem directed by Charles Martin Smith, better known for his roles in American Graffiti, Starman and The Untouchables. Producer/co-writer Joel Soisson recently hinted that he had expressed interest in revisiting the obscure flick and giving it a new lease of life.

“I’m amazed how many contacts, emails and letters I get from that movie. More than all my other films combined. At the time we all wrote it off as a fun little confection that wouldn’t be remembered past its first Halloween weekend,” claimed Soisson, who would later forge a career as a screenwriter on various straight-to-video sequels. “I am actually kind of interested in a remake. Problem is, like Bill and Ted which we made around the same time for DeLaurentiis Entertainment group, the rights have been sold and resold from that now defunct company to the point it would take the FBI to puzzle it out.”

Trick or Treat
is a lost eighties classic that successfully mixed horror and heavy metal (with a soundtrack from the long forgotten hair metal band Fastway), even boasting appearances from none other than Kiss legend Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne (before he became a reality TV bore). For those who are curious, the original Trick or Treat is currently available on DVD from the likes of Amazon.


Source: Moviehole

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8 Responses to “ TRICK OR TREAT Remake a Possibility? ”

  1. Memo to Joel, dump TRICK OR TREAT and remake BILL AND TED!

  2. Noooo… I like Bill and Ted. If they make a new one they should get Keanu and Alex as forty somethings and see how the duo and their band have progressed over the last twenty years. Not everything has to be a remake, sequels are still allowed ;-)

  3. REQUEL then. We have a new Bill and Ted played by new actors, and they are visited from by people from the future via a phonebox. But not Rufus, the original Bill and Ted played by the original actors! The first BILL & TED was time travel, the second was heaven/hell, this could be alternate timelines! Can’t you see I’m obviously a genius?

  4. Yeah that could work. They got new actors for Dumb and Dumberer and their impressions of the original actors were pretty spon on, so sure i could go for that. And as Rufus is no longer with us then he couldn’t be a part of it anyway. So what would it be called? Bill and Ted’s Most Non-Neinous Escapade? Bill and Ted’s Bodacious Crusade? Leave your suggestions here…

  5. They are seriously going to remake every horror film made between 1978 -1988, aren’t they?

    I was excited about the Funhouse remake news, but I find this one just pandering. Lame.

  6. 1988? They’ve been discussing Candyman and that was only 1992. It will be Scream and Final Destination next. The way things are going pretty soon Platinum Dunes will be remaking themselves ;-)

  7. Get Marilyn Manson to play Sammi Curr!

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