Troma’s Mother’s Day Coming To Blu-Ray

A remake may be out in a few weeks and an appendage-movie in Father’s Day later, but June 7 brings Mother’s Day (1980) home on blu-ray. Not typical Troma fare at all, but back then 80’s Troma wasn’t really Troma yet. I always found the flick somewhat atypical and unsafe. The opening scene pulls a real con on slasher tropes, and once the ladies are in over their head, story structure falls apart for a seemingly never-ending loop of degradation. Of course it’s all set-up for another reversal, this time comeuppance for the villains. It’ll be interesting to see how well this grungy movie scrubs up for BD – not too well I hope! Read on for cover art & extras.

Loving sons always do what their mothers tell them to… even if it’s to kill! A mad matriarch and her two maniac sons kidnap and torture three women in their backwoods cabin!

New Bonus Features include:

Interview with Charles Kaufman, Behind the scenes footage, casting footage, production stills, featurette, original theatrical trailer.

Amazon: Mother’s Day [Blu-ray]

Read our Interview with Mother’s Day star Nancy Hendrickson.

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7 Responses to “ Troma’s Mother’s Day Coming To Blu-Ray ”

  1. I’ve never been a huge fan of troma but Mothers Day and Combat Shock were good. I also have a soft spot for Graduation Day, it’s not one of the best but it is sort of goofy.

  2. I actually really like Mothers Day and Troma, Graduation day is one of my favorite slashers. really fun to watch

  3. Great news. Mother’s Day is one of my all time classics. Really looking Forward to this bluray.

  4. Awesome News MOTHER’S DAY Is My All Time Favorite Horror Flick
    Classic To The Bone. First Saw This Back In 1981 Or 1982
    When I Was 8 Or 9 Years Old Scared The Hell Out Of Me
    Great To See They Are Releasing This In WIDESCREEN.

  5. Great news, and good to see Troma stopped slapping Toxie’s ugly mug all over the cover of every release!

  6. More importantly – when does FATHER’S DAY hit bluray? That movie looks better than both Mother’s Days.

  7. New features, eh? Kick ass!!!!! I might have to get a blu-ray player just for this release!

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