Uncut Hardware to Hit Region 1

Those that for some reason don’t own a multi-region DVD player will be pleased to know that Hardware will be out on region 1 later this year in all its uncut glory. Following on from our recent review of the region 2 special edition, Diabolik are set to unleash a similar treatment for the American fans.

Special features will include –
Audio Commentary with Richard Stanley
Sea of Perdition – Short Film
Making of Documentary
Early Super 8 Version of Hardware

Whilst the extras are not quite as impressive as the UK release (which came with art cards and a mini comic), there will be a limited amount of copies unleashed in a lush metal tin.  The DVD is pitched as a 2-Disc release so perhaps there will be more special features forthcoming.

Hardware will be released ‘on or about 9/29/09.’


Source: diabolikdvd.com

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2 Responses to “ Uncut Hardware to Hit Region 1 ”

  1. I might pick it up due to its availability on Amazon US, where I have discount vouchers up the wazoo. Looking forward to viewing the Super 8 source film!

  2. The Super 8 film is interesting in the way you see themes from the movie in their infancy, but I doubt you’d watch it more than once. But the region 2 DVD was a nice release so this is good news.

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