Update on H2 and the fate of the Weinstein Co


Previously: Will Rob Zombie and H2 save the Weinstein’s from Financial Collapse

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting the struggling Weinstein Co. has hoarded enough cash to release Inglorious Basterds and (more importantly) H2 next month. The release of both films seemed in doubt earlier this year when TWC was forced to restructure the company just to stay afloat. TWC pulled all of their other major releases in order to have the financial reserves to release and promote IB and H2 a week apart in August. Any profits Tarantino’s film makes will be divided between TWC and Universal, who helped produce IB. Since TWC owns 100% of H2 the studio is placing its financial future on Rob Zombie’s sequel.

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

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15 Responses to “ Update on H2 and the fate of the Weinstein Co ”

  1. No pressure there! They better have a good marketing plan in the next few weeks besides Rob Zombie releasing lame pictures to spark a little interest. Not only will the movie make or break Weinstein’s company, but it might just break the franchise for good since Rob has now made the franchise “his” so to speak.

  2. TWC, you went down swinging and ruined as many good movies as you could along the way. Well played, ol’ sport.

    BTW, at the end of the H2 trailer, the voiceover says something along the lines of “On August 28th, Zombie completes his terrifying vision.” *fingers crossed*

  3. The Weinsteins began with a slasher flick and they will surely die by one too.

  4. I love that Zombie is making Halloween his own. I grew up with the original [cheesy] series and thought they where lame back then and even lamer now. After the first one they just went down hill and by part 6 became unwatchable to me.

    Michael Myers never stalked with any real meance. The various actors just walked the part and there weren’t even very good kills.

    Zombie’s Michael has attitude and I think will be the Weinsteins savior.

  5. I agree about how the series went down hill, but sadly I feel Zombie’s movie followed that trend.

  6. The original Halloween is a classic. Parts of it show its age, but the climax is strong, and so is the cast. I don’t think it went downhill at all with Halloween II. To me, it is one of the scariest horror films ever – it stretches the cat and mouse finale across its entire running time.

    Zombie’s re-envisioning overelaborates on Michael’s past with some jarringly overdramatised social realism, which doesn’t gel with the standard stalk-and-slash second half. Also, Michael becomes so much more sinister to me in the original because he stands in controst with cozy little Haddonfield. In Zombie’s movie, Haddonfield is already a hell hole even without Michael, and it’s just a case of “why don’t they just get out of the water?”

  7. Rob Zombie is a hack, who doesn’t seem to understand that if you make a horror film, you need something called “suspense”. Seeing the remake Michael growing up in a white trash home, and being as fucked up as anyone else in this country, isn’t what I would call suspenseful. The original Halloween and Halloween II (up until the sister revelation) had the fear of the unknown and the classic John Carpenter atmosphere to make them what they are. It was The Shape, stalking someone and then killing them. Not Zombie Myers beating you with a two-by-four or throwing you through a glass table.

    Oh, and I like how he is totally devoid of original ideas, that he steals the mother angle from Friday the 13th for his crappy sequel. I’m expecting more inane flashbacks and “visions” of that hanger-on Sherri Moon. But Zombie and the Weinstein hacks aren’t getting my money this time. I’m looking forward to The Final Destination taking away potential money from H2. It’s foolish to release two horror movies in one weekend.

    It’s really what I would call kharma, for The Weinstein Company to have to hinge all their hopes on a crappy sequel to a crappy remake, to save their drowning company. Nothing will save them. They’ve ruined too many of their movies in the past by forcing reshoots and rewrites, because Harvey Weinsten is some kind of genius who knows better than the people who actually make the movies. I will say this, The Burning is one of the best slashers ever made, and they released it. I give them credit for that.

  8. The marketing campaign starts here:


  9. If the Halloween series can survive Busta Rhymes kicking Michael’s ass with kung-fu, then the series will survive this latest entry. And why do people expect this new entry to be a bomb when R.Z.’s Halloween was a box office record breaker and highest grossing of the series? A film’s worth should not be judged on box office anyway, I’ve loved plenty of slasher films that didn’t take the #1 box office spot. Halloween 5 is one of my favorites of this series, and it had the smallest box office. If H2 grosses only half of the last film, it is still a success. If it entertains some fans out there, it is a success. Regardless, every dollar less that this new one makes will make the haters point fingers and say “See!? I’m right! Zombie SUX!”.

    I think R.Z.’s Halloween 2 looks like a terrifying, high octane slasher epic and I will be enjoying every second in the theater while others hold pity parties and type even greater and greater hatreds on various comment sections.

  10. Pity Parties? Puh-lease. There are plenty reasons why fans are so divided on this film. And horror fans should speak loudly to get their voices heard, whether they like or dislike the picture. Horror fans for far too long have been accepting of what Hollywood throws at them, and in in this day and age with the power of the internet they have their chance.

    Also, if you adjust the Halloween films grosses for inflation…
    I’m sure the Carpenter’s original ($47 million in 1978) would be on top, way ahead of the others. 1998’s H20 also made $55 million, which would place it 2nd after the original as well. But like you said, a film’s worth shouldn’t be judged on box office, anyway.

  11. A 2002 interview with Rob Zombie, courtesy of ‘Are you Going?’ magazine.

    “Q: How do you feel about big budget remakes of Dawn of the Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

    Zombie: I feel it’s the worst thing any filmmaker can do. I actually got a call from my agent and they asked me if I wanted to be involved with the remake of Chain Saw. I said no f***ing way! Those movies are perfect – you’re only going to make yourself look like an a**hole by remaking them. Go remake something that’s a piece of s**t and make it good. Like with my movie (House of 1000 Corpses) I have elements of Chain Saw in it because I love that movie so much, but I wouldn’t dare want to “remake” it. It’s like a band trying to be another band. You can sound like The Beatles, but you can’t be The Beatles.”

    i guess rob zombie started listining to sherri tell him he could **M in her **S if he remade movies its all a cash cow zombie sold out and now he dares to remake season of the witch with haig as cochran pothetic

  12. Hollywood has never thrown a movie at me. Nor has any video store clerk or projectionist. I have had other things like fists and bodily fluids thrown at me by crazy people in Hollywood. Luckily those were not thrown at me personally by the Weinsteins, but I would not complain if they threw a multi-picture deal my way. It worked for Todd Phillips. And The Mist is a work of perfection.

    I am glad that the Weinsteins now treat the Halloween series with much higher regard and confidence than the days of Halloween 6, enough to where they are making it a major summer release. At least Myers is a psychopath again and not an alien/assassin/robot with children and green blood. I get why some hate the Zombie’s style, personally I didn’t care for Joe Chappelle’s style.

    This is the last Halloween R.Z. will likely be doing. Maybe in a few years a visionary new director will get the assignment to make it (maybe me?), and all the skullfucks and white trash will be phase from the past in Haddonfield. I savor every year that has a new Halloween movie hitting theaters, every few years going back to my youth. And if it took R.Z.’s efforts and the Weinsteins A-list treatment to give this series a new shot at life (as Jamie Lee Curtis did a decade ago with her H2O/Resurrection combo), I thank them all for it.

    As in my youth, I am counting down the days till Halloween 2’s release.

  13. And a few words on another part of this article, Nikki Finke and her gossip site. Nikki Finke has positioned herself among the ranks of Jack Valenti and Gene Siskel as a major anti-horror force. She bashes the genre every time it is reported on, usually on moral grounds. She downplayed the success of My Bloody Valentine 3-D, decried the success of Friday the 13th, then celebrated and encouraged the failure of Drag Me To Hell and Orphan. Her conservative stance also extends to anything morally offensive, she had her knives out for Bruno as well. She would be happy to never see another horror film in the marketplace, from her perch on the “moral” highground, and her attacks often resort to personal attacks on the filmmakers who dabble in such offensiveness.

    Nikki Finke is good for nothing more than early, often inaccurate box office number reporting, and I don’t understand why she’s considered a valid mouthpiece. She is no friend of this genre.

  14. I loathed Zombie’s first two films and haven’t ever felt a pang or inkling to give a shit about what else he does in the future. But as far as the Weinsteins go, you can’t say they haven’t brought anything to the genre. And INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is a great film. You’re not a Tarantino fan if you don’t see this at the movies.

  15. walter:

    Thanks for posting that interview. I suppose I’ll get lynched here if I call Zombie a “sell out” as well, so I just won’t. But I think that interview speaks for itself. However, he better not TOUCH “Halloween III”. That’s just crossing the line…THAT movie is great (so was Halloween 1 and 2) and there is NOTHING he can do to better the film, especially casting Sig. Give me a break. Do people REALLY want this to happen?


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