VHS Cover: Home Sweet Home

Media Home Entertainment had the best video covers for early 80’s slashers – so good they managed to filter down to Australia intact whereas the region would usually get an altered style or campaign. Home Sweet Home is as good an example as any, indicative of the qualities that made Media stand out.

On first notice that Media would shrink the poster art into a box would be, these days, blasphemy but that’s part of what made Media’s covers work – the colored box frame put emphasis on the company more than the individual movie and thus instilled a confidence in the customer. Different colors for different movies, usually intentionally clashing with the color of the film logo, made the spines pop out on the shelf. Back covers would use the template of a short no-nonsense synopsis and four photos. You could always count on Media.

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3 Responses to “ VHS Cover: Home Sweet Home ”

  1. havent seen this yet, but is on my list of films i wanna see

  2. Heard this was a bad film, but its on youtube apparently, so I might give it a look. And yeah, Media had a lot of good titles. Back when the video market boomed and tried to grab your attention. Shame its not the same anymore. Not with DVD or Blu-Ray.

  3. TOYLAND CHAIRMAN, It is a good slasher of it’s type, but it isn’t a conventionally good film.
    So if you like lower-rung 80s slasher films you’ll find some good things in it. To be honest, I’m down to the Fatal Pulse level, so anything that isn’t abysmal is starting to look great.

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