Victor Crowley Lives!


It was revealed recently that a sequel to 2007’s retro slasher homage Hatchet is nearing production. While writer/director Adam Green is currently busy toiling on his third feature Frozen, he hopes to find time to unleash Victor Crowley’s return later in the year.

The fine lads at Dread Central tracked Green down for comment, and he elaborated on the state of affairs…

“Hopefully it gets made this year if we can schedule it in a way that works for me,” he explained. “The only reason a production date has not been agreed upon is because clearly everyone in the Hatchet camp wants to do it at a time when I can be the one to return at the helm, and as you can see from the multitude of projects I am already doing, it’s going to take some very careful planning and scheduling to find a time where I am available to make the film.”

Green has stated in the past that Tony Todd’s Reverend Zombie character would play a big role in a sequel, going head-to-head with Crowley. Also, the teen in the pig mask in the original’s flashback sequence supposedly ties in as well…if I were to chance a guess, I’d say it was heroine Tamara Feldman’s character as a youngster, adding a guilt-ridden Tommy Jarvis aspect to things…

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6 Responses to “ Victor Crowley Lives! ”

  1. I so wanted to like Hatchet. But it was advertised as old school horror, and ended up being a modern horror comedy. I don’t mind horror comedies either, but none of Hatchet’s humor made me laugh. I did pay to see this in a theater on opening day though, I’ll always go out to support this genre.

    I do tend to prefer Part 2s to the original, probably 2 to 1, so I’ll be there opening day again if this gets made. I would prefer all new characters except for Crowley, and a change of director wouldn’t bother me either.

  2. Hatchet was horrible. What made it worse was how everybody ran around saying it was an 80’s-style slasher movie. Uh…with Marilyn Manson on the soundtrack?? HAHA!!

  3. As far as new directors go, Green says if need be, he’d let another director step in if he can’t schedule an encore. Speculation swirls about Green’s pal Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) being a likely candidate….

  4. Considering Joe Lynch knocked “Wrong Turn 2″ out of the park, I think that would be the ideal sitution.

  5. ….I agree.
    I love Green, and I loved Hatchet, without shame, but Lynch would be a really, REALLY good choice for a Plan B. WT2 was5o pounds of fun stuffed into a 5 pound bag, and I think he’d fit the material like a glove.

  6. yeah. i didnt like it either.
    too hyped and left me disappointed.

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