Visiting The Stepfather's Den


While this set visit isn’t too revealing or juicy, it is refreshing in that it isn’t an exercise in ass-kissery as most web reports of set visits are (aw gush, they invited me “on set”, I must be important and this must be the best movie ever!) – in fact, the reporter seems veritably ho-hum about it all.

Mark talked about the film being more relevant than ever, with the current divorce rate and how women can be “easy prey” when it comes to the dating world, especially women who are newly single. Although he added that the film doesn’t stray too much from the original, and described the film as a thriller more than a horror film. He seemed like a genuine guy, and he talked more about the casting and what we were about to see and who we were about to meet. And I will say, that as much as another PG-13 horror remake doesn’t necessarily scream “Must See” to me, I do like the cast.

Even a straight shot-for-shot remake of the original would be considered bland and non-eventful today. Remember, what made it work wasn’t necessarily the story, but rather the powerhouse performance of Terry O’Quinn and the supreme hotness of Jill Schoelen. We’ll see how this one shores up come October. In the meantime, hit below for the full set report.

Source: JoBlo

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3 Responses to “ Visiting The Stepfather's Den ”

  1. Whatever happend to Jill Schoelen?

  2. I don’t think the “hotness” of Jill Schoelen helped carry this movie. If anything, I think it was her honest portrayal of a typical teenager put in the situation she was in. It’s a shame she’s not doing much these days. She’s a pretty damn good actress.

  3. Lock will always be The Stepfather

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