Website Updates (November)

Just because we live in the 80’s, doesn’t mean our functionality has to. We’ve sorted out a number of things. First off, the comments system has gotten an overhaul. No more waiting for post approval – instant gratification is the order of the day. You can now use your Twitter, Facebook, or Yahoo account to log in.

Since the new system required that we be on Twitter and Facebook, we’ve used that as an excuse to slide into the social networks. If you use either, hit us up – all our articles are being cross posted on both daily.

Retro Slashers Facebook

Retro Slashers Twitter

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2 Responses to “ Website Updates (November) ”

  1. awesome!! i love this site, i visit it everyday

  2. it would be even cooler if there was a monthly B and W fanzine complete with grisly ink illustrations. whoever says technology is better now than then is a douche.

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