Wes Craven on Scream 4


With Scream 4 currently in the writing stages but without its regular leading lady, director Wes Craven talks about how the project first came about and how likely it is that this will actually get off the ground. “There are some conversations going on between myself and Bob Weinstein, so I know it’s in the works, so to speak. I know that Kevin (Williamson) is writing, but I don’t know the nature of the script. I have heard that David (Arquette) and Courtney (Cox) are virtually locked in,” says the sixty-nine year old director.

“And I must say that Bob Weinstein was willing to spend money on sequels at a greater extent than previous films. So we had a better budget on Scream 2 than we did on Scream 1, and a larger on Scream 3, so that you can keep the quality going, as opposed to the usual pattern where they get financed at two-thirds the level of the previous film,” continues Craven, who has recently made a comeback to the genre after producing the remakes of his own earlier features The Hills Have Eyes and The Last House on the Left, as well as having directed his own thriller, 25/8.

“But Bob Weinstein’s willing to put money on the line there and get people like Drew Barrymore and whoever, and we were the same way with the remake of Last House; it was very much a matter of not going right away, even though we could have, but finding the right director and getting the right actors and getting something that’s really top-quality.”


Source: Den of Geek

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  1. If he don’t wanna do it, it’s not the worst thing in the world. I reckon Kev should direct it himself.

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