When a Slasher isn't a Slasher but is Still a Slasher

I have an article up right now at Horror Yearbook, and it’s brand new and it’s all exciting and stuff! Check out my Top Picks list for When a Slasher isn’t a Slasher but is Still a Slasher

Wil at HYB has been very cool and I’m excited to have something on their site!


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13 Responses to “ When a Slasher isn't a Slasher but is Still a Slasher ”

  1. I read this on Horror Yearbook and said to myself “this sounds like Amanda wrote this.” Lo and behold I look at the top of the screen and my suspicions were confirmed. Is there a horror site you’re not writing for? That’s awesome. Look at you go.

    I’m a fan of almost all of the films you mentioned. Like you said it’s as if these companies are ashamed of the slasher elements in these films. However fans like us get into them because of it. Horror articles with lists are always welcomed.

  2. Thanks Tuzo! I do love lists. They are fun and a great way to get a lot of info in a small space.

    You wait, maybe one day I WILL write for every horror website ever! Hey, it’s something to shoot for!

  3. You said you were going to write this article for RS! Why that writer-thieving cad Wil, I oughta slap him with my glove. Hrmph! ;)

  4. I know, I’m sorry. I got all excited!

    I’ll cook up something good for RS.

    You do know you this place owns my heart, right?

  5. hummm yes all that movie ave a slasher elment exept for the wounderfull masterpiece eyes of laura mars for me is the american gialo arcetype

  6. eyes of laura mars was just too boring and dull for me. tightrope is pretty cool but still alittle to boring, not enough action. Jaws 2 is good though, not really a slasher, it should go in the monster movies or when animals attack section.
    A good slasher with roy sheider is NIGHT GAME!
    some other good lesser known slashers people should check out are:
    NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER (more of a thriller but still cool)
    JUNIOR- very good! i suggest people to seek this one out, definitely worth it.

  7. come on eyes kik ass tommy lee are so goood en brad are so cooooollll en john carpenter rules

  8. I love “Eyes of Laura Mars”…talk about classing up some serious Euro-trash gialli: song by Babs (after she turned down the lead role), Faye Dunaway’s follow up to her Oscar win for “Network”, Tommy Lee Jones, using real models and locations, photography by Helmut Newton…it needs to be revived on the big screen. (Ooh-ooh…let’s all chant!)

  9. now you talking bear aspirin

  10. It’s cool to see Cobra on that list. I love that movie. It does have some slasher elements.

  11. Hell yeah Tightrope was cool. Reminded me of a Dirty Harry movie.

  12. Madman, I am beginning to see the light on Cobra. It’s a movie that I never saw the slasher elements in, but the people have spoken and I’m seeing it through new eyes.

    My boyfriend said he loved that I mentioned Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, but c’mon, it’s such a bloodbath! :)

    And for those of you debating on Laura, I do find it’s a touch more giallo, but c’mon, there’s enough slash to go around, ain’t there? ;)

    Thank you everyone for reading!!!

  13. what are those slasher all about? like slashing of heads in a horror films?

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