Witchery: The Images

Crazy wicked (Witched?) imagery, a cool setting (abandoned seaside house), lots of blood, Linda Blair and David Hasselhoff? Sign me up! Actually, Witchery features one of the most disturbed deaths ever (see bottom panel). Not because it’s particuarly violent (although it is), but because you watch this poor man in pained agony as he starts bleeding… and bleeding… and bleeding… Agony.

And click on the center picture. Neat – There’s people in there!

An underrated little gore chiller, Witchery is the kind of movie you’ll want to watch on a cold, rainy night.

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2 Responses to “ Witchery: The Images ”

  1. Eh, this is a fun film, though I thought the fireplace roasting was worse than the bleeding scene. Witches, baby-eating, demon rape, mutilation – what’s not to love about this?

  2. I agree Arsinine, there is MUCH to love about Witchery. That bleeding scene still gets to me though. It’s painful to watch everyone watch him die.

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