Yet More H2: Halloween 2 Images

Today, Rob Zombie published yet more ‘teaser’ images from his latest effort H2 (Halloween 2). Whilst hardly revealing anything new about the movie, at least these show a little more of Wayne Toth’s special effects.

Find out if it’s worth the wait when it is finally released on August 28.



Source: Rob Zombie

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4 Responses to “ Yet More H2: Halloween 2 Images ”

  1. Anyone know who the dead guy is? Looks like Michael fucked him up pretty good.

  2. Looks like Howard Hessman maybe

  3. Not sure but I agree, he looks a little under the weather. That should be pretty sweet to watch.

  4. rob zombie is a disgrace, i could do a way better halloween then him anyday wanna try me anyone have the balls

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