Slashers Rule!

My Bloody Valentine

Who knew that all those years ago when I was writing about my adoration for slashers for a fanzine called Debaser that I would find myself the instigator of mass corruption. OK, that’s a complete exaggeration, but it is true that the editor, Ryan Orvis, was not only reading the stuff I was writing for him, he was also┬ápaying attention. He recently wrote a very cool little slasher bio (if you will) on his love of exploitation and his awakening to the world of slashers. A place he doesn’t want to leave anytime soon. And I was pleased to be one of the people who led him down the path to destruction.

I thought this made a neat companion piece with something I wrote for RS some time ago called A Girl and Her Horror Obesession. There I am, changing one mind at a time (OK, another exaggeration, but the let the girl dream, willya!). Thanks Ryan for the sweet words and congrats on not only discovering slashers are the bee’s knees but also getting engaged to a girl who agrees! What a poet I am…

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7 Responses to “ Slashers Rule! ”

  1. Thanks for the plug, and I’m glad you dug the article! Maybe we should archive some of those old Debaser articles online some day…

  2. Hey Amanda. That’s one of the great things about the Internet — Sharing our obsessions, and ruining other fine folks in the process. I can’t begin to tell you how many amazing flicks I’ve discovered because of writing like yours. Let’s keep spreading the hysteria!

  3. The attraction of slasher films and exploitation cinema is that the best examples have artistic intent at the same time as just being viscerally satisfying. That’s what I think pulls people in. It’s what pulls me in, anyway. Even bad low budget Horror films are not bad in the bland way bad big movies are bad. If you think about it Horror fanatics and Art house movie buffs are equally likely to rate foreign language films highly. Except horror fans are much less likely to mistake boredom for deep thought. And of course we like exploding heads!
    I’ll stop at this point in case I say something bit too arty.

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  5. What I like about slasher films is that well, since I’m Filipino, the rest of my fellow brothers and sisters never understood the beauty of these movies, and leading to me feeling like I’m the only Filipino out there who even knew the word “slasher”. Slashers are art, I’m an artist, hence, I know beauty that is not skin deep! LONG LIVE THE GORE! LONG LIVE TH SLASHERS!

  6. Will someone please start up a petition and put a stop to these remakes. I rented the 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine on Blu-ray, and even with the help of a1080p HD picture, I fell asleep. Hollywood needs to look to the smaller b-movie flicks that travel to festivals like the ones Fangoria assembled for frightfest.

  7. Agreed one of my favorite slashers was Maniac… not a huge budget… not the best production value but still a phenomenal movie… FrightFest was a very cool way to try and get people more involved with lower budget movies. if your interested you can get the DVD’s from Blockbuster online starting this friday (the 6th). Any thoughts on the new Scream movie by the way?

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