Code Red Alert: Jan-Feb DVD Releases

Release schedule for upcoming Code Red DVDs, via DVD Empire. It’s slim pickings for genre fans, though we’re particularly excited about The Being (1983), which we’ve not seen. Directed by Jackie Kong (Blood Diner), it’s about a toxic waste mutated boy killing residents of his small town.

January 11
A Long Ride From Hell

January 18
The Black Klansman
God’s Bloody Acre

February 8
Group Marriage

February 15
The Working Girls

February 22
How To Score With Girls / The White Rat (Double Feature)

February 22
The Being / Cop Killers (Double Feature)

In other news, the company, recently announced to be closing in 2011, have reopened their blog, though no new content has yet been posted and it still states Nightmare will release in late 2010.

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7 Responses to “ Code Red Alert: Jan-Feb DVD Releases ”

  1. Come on Code Red….please release Nightmare before you close shop. It doesn’t have to some bad ass print. Just as long as it’s the uncut version with some cool special features. I have a bootleg of the uncut version but I rather have a legit version.

  2. No ‘Nightmare’ or ‘Butcher Baker’. I’m so fucking shocked.

  3. I want to put it out NIGHTMARE. I am waiting for springjack at horrordvd to finish subtitling the Scavolini’s interview! Once its done, i can put a street date and 3 1/2 month later it will be out!

  4. gee those are…those are really fun titles…I think….

  5. nightmare is all i care about

  6. Hey Bill,

    You might want to set a deadline for that guy to be finished transcribing. Based on the posts I have seen it doesn’t seem to be a priority for him at all. It’s almost like he is getting off on making everyone wait. It also doesn’t help my impression of him that he posted many “hater” comments about Code Red in the past. He would be the last guy I would trust, but that’s just me. At some point I hope that you put the disc out, regardless if that joker is done or not.

  7. Lol, it’s funny John, I posted the same exact inquiry over at 4 or 5 days ago and it never appeared. I only have 4 posts over there and they have to be approved first. I am glad that SOMEONE else has picked up on this! :)

    Here is my reply to springjack on the horrordvds board(it probably will not go through like the others.) – – –

    Then Code Red NEEDS to set a deadline. Bill said that it will still take 3 1/2 months from the time of completion for there to be a release date. I say once again, if they are closing this summer, and it is already December, it would obviously be good business sense for Bill to just cut ties with you and find someone committed to finishing the thing. I work 40 hours a week, but if I told someone in good faith that I would help them out, then I would help out and get the task finished. You can’t even give an estimated time! That sir is amazing. Please Code Red let’s move on and get this disc out for all the NIGHTMARE fans who have been waiting since the Program Power days.

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