Fangoria #300

Fangoria has reached a major milestone with its 300th issue available now.  Instead of the usual retrospectives common with special anniversary issues, editor Chris Alexander and friends compiled a list consisting of 300 major horror films.  Alexander admits his “intention” is to “inspire great debate amongst our readers.”  Slasher fans will be happy to find a few favorites (Halloween, Friday the 13th, Maniac, Deep Red, Black Christmas, Silent Scream) made the list, but several great slashers are missing (Where the hell is My Bloody Valentine, The Prowler, and The Burning?).  The biggest surprise about this landmark issue is some of the reviews are written by famous folks in the movie biz.  Werner Herzog offers up his thoughts on Freaks.  Vincent D’Onofrio reveals High Tension inspired him to make his slasher musical Don’t Go in the Woods.  Tom Holland offers up thoughts on Psycho.  Some really good, obscure horror films get some respect in this issue so it’s worth picking up if you’re a die hard horror or Fango fan.

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3 Responses to “ Fangoria #300 ”

  1. I’d like to hear Tom Holland’s thoughts on Psycho as I thought he did a good job with the second movie.

  2. I’ll surely pick this up as I only mostly get their anniversary issues these years, but wouldn’t the mag be a blast if EVERY issue could be like their anniversary issues?

  3. I’ve recently got back into Fangoria. The last few issues have been pretty good, including this 300th issue.

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