Warner Archives To Release 2 Fan-Favorite Slashers To DVD

The Warner Archive Collection have confirmed they will release long sought after titles Killer Party and Night School to DVD in 2011.

Night School is Ken Hughes’ 1981 attempt to take the genre into a more gritty, dramatic direction while Killer Party is a 1986 campus-based spoofy slasher written by Barny Cohen (Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter) and directed by William Fruet (Funeral Home).

The Warner Archive service uses DVD-R media to make titles available to consumers on-demand that were never cost-beneficial for full DVD production.

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14 Responses to “ Warner Archives To Release 2 Fan-Favorite Slashers To DVD ”

  1. Better than nothing, I guess. Has anyone used this service yet?

  2. YES!!!!!! THANK YOU THERE IS A GOD!!!!!! Any word John if Killer Party would be uncut???


  4. To Jamie I would expect and want widescreen too! To Brent I doubt KP would be. I don’t think it’s a cut and dried case of cut or uncut, as it was a heavily restructured movie. If the Archive version sells like hotcakes, you could then reasonably expect a full production version with possible extras.

  5. I can only echo 2ndsuitor’s comment, better than nothing. However, I would have liked a proper DVD for Night School – come on, The Dorm that Dripped Blood is getting a blu-ray release!

  6. I Also Heard The 1977 Horror THE PACK Is Being Released On Dvd Thru
    The Warner Archive Collection.

  7. Its only my dream to have killer party on dvd finally! uncut would be better of course but cut or uncut- I will explode until I get my hands on a copy! and night school~ can’t wait! Now anchor bay, code red, synapse, or blue underground- its time to release curtains (PROPERLY ON DVD- with an amazing transfer from all the shitty vhs sources) the mutilator, definately HUMONGOUSn(PLEASE I LOVE THIS FILM) and the slayer and silent madness and quite a few more BUT mainly those!!!! PLEEEASEE!


  9. Lions gate now has THE MUTILATOR….Anchor Bay has RITUALS….Liberation Entertainment has MORTUARY

  10. @Stevedeck Anchor bay does not have the rights to Rituals, i just got off the phone with them and they said that they don’t know who has the rights. I made sure i asked a couple of times, they were very sure that Anchor Bay Canada Dont have the rights, OR Anchor Bay in the states.

  11. Hey Where Can I find this background picture of American Gothic?? I’d like to save it to my computer and make a poster out of it.

  12. I hate and detest warner archives and will never buy any of their crappy made to order discs. A note to Warner: NOBODY WANTS THIS OVERPRICED CRAP, WHICH IS CHEAPER ON IOFFER IN BOOTLEG FORMAT. Do it properly or don’t bother.

  13. I should also add that to properly factory produce these discs Warner only has to order a minimum of…wait for it – 500 copies! Instead we get pan and scan unmastered garbage. O.K. rant over.

  14. I always wonder why companies like Warner cling to copyrights on films they can’t make money on. I wish they would just do what the Italian’s do and let them go out into the public domain or hand them over to companies that can make money on them. I don’t know if you have them in the US. But here we have Pound Shops. Last year I brought almost the entire Argento catalogue for under a tenner, a couple of Fulci films and succubus. The picture quality was immaculate and they were all in widescreen and a couple of them even had extras. And lets be honest there are so many bootlegs, drips and unofficial, release out there, no one in their right mind would fork out for a panned and scanned abomination at an over inflated price. I do buy them, but that’s because I’m an obsessive and can’t stop myself.

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