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Uncovering The Lost Slasher: Doll Killer (1987)

Uncovering The Lost Slasher: Doll Killer (1987)

I’m the kind of horror fan who goes the extra mile to find something I haven’t seen yet. I love the obscure, the rare and the unreleased. To say I collect horror films would be putting it lightly. More accurately speaking, I stop at NOTHING to get what I’m after. Money, travel and uncertainty can’t […]

Stage Fright (1987) Review

A theater troupe working on a musical suddenly find themselves the target of  escaped lunatic Irving Wallace (Clain Parker).  When the seamstress  is murdered by the killer during rehearsals, the director (David Brandon) sees an opportunity to cash in on the free publicity and orders the actors to work all night so the musical can open early.  After the […]

DVD Review: Cheerleader Camp (1987)

Movie: Liberal nudity, blood drenched murder shots and a menagerie of quirky characters contribute to this 1987 parcel of fun. It’s what made Cheerleader Camp the Cinemax staple that primarily exposed it to its many praisers. But the standout element is the central character of Alison Wentworth (Betsy Russell). Alison is not only frigid but […]

The Year of SOV: Blood Lake (1987)

I don’t know why when horror fanatics hear the word “obscure” they think they have to see that movie! I mean, maybe it’s obscure for a reason! It’s kind of a sickness we have, to hunt down the rarest of horror, especially slashers. Goes to prove that we are a passionate bunch. But are we also […]

Night Screams (1987)

It would be really easy to sit here and talk about the things in Night Screams that went wrong. So much of it isn’t very good technically. But it was 1987 and slashers were drifting away from the theater and were popping up more and more as direct-to-video efforts. It was an interesting time in […]

Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 & 2 (DVD Review)

Silent Night, Deadly Night was a mean spirited little entry in the slasher canon that carried more notoriety on its shoulders than it was worth. Not to say it’s a bad slasher – it does manage some moments that get under your skin – like the suddenly non-comatose grandfather and the nighttime family assault that […]